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I'm out her GRINDIN'
Posted on September 18, 2017 at 09:49

EMS Academy - 12 hours a week
Immunology & Anatomy - 9 hours a week
Work - 40 hours a week
Studying - 20 hours a week

Now being offered a commission based job that could pay me $1,000 a week for a few days of work. If I could squeeze this into my schedule I so would, but I don't think I can.

By the end of this semester, I will be able to work as an EMT
By the end of this semester, I would have risen my GPA enough to qualify for the PA program (hopefully)

I'm burned out, but recovered a lil bit yesterday and it's time to keep going. It's hard man. If all goes well, and it will, I will have had this semester of college to be my last one, then 2 years of PA school, then only continued education from here on out.

EMS = Emergency Medical Services
EMT = Emergency Medical Technician (ambulance driver/basic life support)
PA = Physician's Assistant

Party Animation
Posted on August 09, 2017 at 18:48

Here is what I have:

Here's what it represents:

- All 151 Pokemon (plus a few extras) data in game. Full stats, icons, & evo levels.
- Full Attack list. Every single attack is indexed and properly documented (no battle system yet, but that's the easy part)
- Full learnset database. Every pokemon's learnset list is added in.
- Full & complete EV's and IV's integration with algorithms.
- Added extras for possible expansions: items, pokerus, natures, gender (not visible)
- Full HP bar functionality
- Full status afflictions functionality
- Full experience algorithms.

Other things done:
- Pokedex
- Inventory
- Textbox functionality

The work is going well, and going strong. Will continue working on this until I have a full demo available. Things left:

Battle system
Game content (trainers, NPC's, items, events)
Indoor maps (all outdoor maps done)

In reality, I don't have much left to do. I think I'll be releasing two games:

Pokemon: Game Maker Red (full copy of original)
Pokemon: Cursed Black (infamous creepypasta).

This year might be the year. We will see!

List of things I want
Posted on August 02, 2017 at 21:45

I want to have a family
I want to be disciplined
I want to eat healthy
I want to have money
I want to be efficient at my job
I want people to want to talk to me
I want my work to be so outstanding... some, not all people stop to appreciate it
I want my home to be clean and orderly
I want to be loyal to my friends and loved ones by telling them the truth, even if they don't want to hear it
I want to be loyal to my girlfriend regardless of any perverse thoughts I may come across
I want to resolve conflicts on the spot, even if they suck, so they're not swept under the rug.
I want to be able to talk to someone about a hard subject without having to be interrupted by their life story.
I want to finish my video game.
I want my video game to be recognized for the hard work I put in it.
I want to go back to school to get better grades.
I want to be accepted to the nuclear imaging program at UNM.
I want to be accepted to the PA program at UNM.
I want to do both of those without being stuck in huge debt.
I want to be able to plan out a wedding/first kid without the debt being an issue.
I want to be a good car owner so my car doesn't fuck me in the middle of fuckwhere.
I want to pick up guitar again.
I want to be able to cover my favorite Neutral Milk Hotel songs and Beatles songs.
I also want to be able to play some Jack and Eliza songs too. Fuuuu. Definitely get some Black Keys in there.
I want to be able to start a band if I so chose.
I want to play in front of an audience one day.
I want to dedicate "Do you want to hear a secret" to my girlfriend by playing it for her on guitar and singing it.
I want to encourage my girlfriend to finish her book. Her plans sound amazing.
I want to be a fucking excellent boyfriend while not getting fucked over for doing it.
I want to have loyal loved ones.
I want to re-connect with my family at some point. I hate that i hate them.
I want to make friends when I go back to college. I hate how awkward NMSU was because I didn't try.
I want to be able to work as an EMT by January if possible.
I want to constantly be reading a book so I get through my self-imposed library I built up.
I want to have a healthy body by working out constantly.
I want to be a good father so I will read the bible to see what the fuzz is about.
I want to be a good family head by not being a gullible bitch and not backing down from what I believe in just because i'm scared.
I want to be praised for being such a great person....


But i'm not a great person. Nor do I have very realistic ways of achieving even half of that list. This is stretching myself too thin... even an idiot can tell that. So why can't I?

Because I can't respect myself if I don't try at these things. And goddamn am I going to try and get it right, if it kills me.

bookworm. highs that never end.
Posted on August 02, 2017 at 20:17

This is my third day of isolation.

Oh god.

And what has my move last year showed me?

It showed me that I have a very... very limited time on this earth. And that if there are things I want in my life, I'm sure as shit not gonna get them by sitting on my hands.

I joined this website in 2006... that was... 11 years ago! It's crazy to think about, because besides the one layout change it has gone through... it really hasn't changed much. The userbase itself is similar even though now there are different players. And I personally understand why... the in-person interactions that aren't painful anymore as they used to be back when I was an ackward teenager back in MSN spending my summers talking to the active users then. Now I enjoy talking to my co-workers, even though I realize it's a temporary passing of time. Technically, so was this site. But the fact that real life is now more enjoyable (as it has the past few years) than online interactions... I can't be the only one that experienced this.

My girlfriend's coming back today, and in the past 72 hours, I have cleaned the apartment, opened up to my fellow co-worker, worked on my game, read, played Alpha Sapphire (after re-buying it... not sure if I mentioned all my games got stolen when I first moved to this city) and binged watched Archer while doing laundry.

My next move career-wise is go back to school. I will raise my grades up, apply for the Nuclear Imaging program that takes two years to complete, then after that be an excellent candidate to become a Physician Assistant. Considering the fact I came from fucking dirt roads when I was born... my life is going, still, fucking great.

So I've gone on a reading binge in the last year as well, here are the books I've read:

- Looking for Alaska (again LOL)
- Midnight Club
- Ties that Bind
- some other book about a dude stealing identities.. forgot the name
- The Host (yes, by steph meyer, actually not to bad at all)
- Angels and Demons (again, fuck this book is tits)
- The DaVinci Code (i realized Dan brown keeps reselling his books under a different name by reading this one)
- The Shining (new favorite book, holy tits the movie adaptations were fucking trash)
- Doctor Sleep (the Shining sequel. Oh my dick can only get so erect. Loved both of these)
- The Rook
- Stilleto <- stuck on this one cuz bored

So I've thrown video games to the trash can for the most part. I went to this year's Evo to compete in Melee. I got my ass handed to me pretty quick... looking at my reading list and the notebook I've been composing to finish Cursed Black... I'm kind of not wondering why I did so bad anymore since I realized after I lost I really haven't been putting in my 100% in Melee.

But w/e!!! Cuz man I am so happy about the progress on my game. I started the fourth re-write on January and I've written so many major scripts, plus last year I mapped out most of the overworld and the main stuff for the RPG aspect of Cursed Black is almost done. I'm very excited...

Am I in a dream? I come to this site and I realize how insane i was a few years ago. really what the hell happened to me.

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 20:12

Seamlessly integrated the inventory system with the menu system, no glitches!

last updated 2/28/17

Two months of progress with 4th rewrite. whoo!

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