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Skyrim stuff
Posted on November 20, 2011 at 19:47

So last night, I decided to ditch my then-current Skyrim adventures and start a new over.

I'm now level 25 in my new game, which is more than double what my old character was.

Turns out pickpocketing is one of the easiest skills to increase, especially if you save your game before attempting to pickpocket. Just find somebody who trains in a skill you like. Have them train you, pickpocket your money back, level up as a result from your pickpocketing skill and whatever other skill increasing, rinse and repeat.

...so now I've got 100 in pickpocketing and 70 in smithing.

I've also started trying out a couple mods. One mod I really like is Glowing Ore Veins 300. Makes spotting ore veins A LOT easier.

A mod I haven't tried yet but sounds cool is Killable Children. Not that I have a great desire to kill children or anything, but still.

Looking forward to more awesome mods in the future. :)

I have a great desire to kill children.
Posted by JuurianChi November 20, 2011 20:08 - 5.9 years ago
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What happened to your desire to kill pedophiles, JuurianChi? :P
Posted by Aistarin November 20, 2011 20:24 - 5.9 years ago
| [#2]

His desire to kill pedophiles only stemmed from the fact that they were hogging all the children.
Posted by S3xySeele November 20, 2011 20:27 - 5.9 years ago
| [#3]

Plays with mod.
Those bastards where asking for it.
Now to start my PedoHunt. :8|
Posted by JuurianChi November 20, 2011 23:49 - 5.9 years ago
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