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A story
Posted on January 03, 2010 at 21:31

Fork and Yogurt were walking in the woods one day when they came across a large acorn. The two best friends decided to carry the acorn back to the village of exotic gerbils where they became kings. On the fifth day of their ruling, a Dragon-duck came to the village and raped all of the gerbil women. Fork did not like this and flew to the mountain of the walrus kittens where he met with the wizard of red stickers who was named Galraphidad. Fork asked Galraphidad how to destroy the Dragon-duck but was answered with a string of gibberish and a kind gesture to dance with him. Fork respectfully declined the offer and flew back to the village. Along the way he came across a witch oh her broom flying to the moon. Fork asked the witch for a spell to destroy the beast and was again answered with a string of gibberish. The witch flew away and crashed into a cloud of smoke coming from the cheese factory north of the village. Fork flew to the cheese factory to check on the witch's condition where he met a family of giant rats who explained to Fork about how the Dragon-duck is allergic to the cheese produced at this specific factory. Fork thanked the rat family by taking them out for a nice steak dinner at the "Tillbert Steakhouse" in the middle of the lake just beside the factory. After the meal Fork returned to the village with a bag full of cheese and a belly full of steak. Back at the village Yogurt was distracting the Dragon-duck from his attack by playing teatherball at the sports complex in the center of the village. When Yogurt saw Fork, he stopped playing and ran away to sleep because he was tired. Fork flew above the beast and dropped the cheese onto it. The Dragon-duck melted into the ground and the village was saved!

The end.

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