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Posted on June 30, 2009 at 13:09

Hey guys! Its been a while and I've kind of moved on from the whole Game Maker scene. But I just dropped in to say I had a lot of fun on this site in the past. So thanks for that. I'm glad its still up and running. :D

So yeah, I'll be off to uni in september to study, guess what!?
Computer Games Software Development. Surprise huh? I can't wait, should be awesome!

And what else. Yeah I recorded a song cause it kind of fitted the atmosphere at the time lol. If you can tell me the composer you get a gold star or a cookie, your choice.

Trying to find a job right now too, to build up a booze fund for uni I guess. But it is actually really hard to find anything right now. I went round a large town with 20 CVs and only managed to get rid of 2 yesterday :/

But anyway yeah, I probably won't be around here anymore too much, so farewell! Thanks for many a roflcopter and lmao. Ciao!

Posted on November 27, 2008 at 18:24

Hey what's shaking 64digits. It's been a while. I've kind of moved on but I thought I'd just make a blog here to finalise things, not FOREVER but you know...

So, I got one of these guitars for my birthday/christmas (same day :O the first years I teach in my school find this hilarious):

Except mine's in black. It's fun to play because the action's real low, very slick feel to it.

I made up and jammed out a wee tune on it for you:!excite!delight!.mp3

And before you say "that's super gay"... I got nothing, go ahead.

So yeah, I've kind of moved away from game maker, I'd use C++ but I've been focusing on making sites for organizations for now.

Right now I'm waiting for replies from the universities I've applied for, so far I have one (1) unconditional offer. Next year I'll be going to study games dev at uni with a bit of japanese in there too (if I get the offer). Woo!

Maybe not the most secure idea but atleast it's something I enjoy right?

geemu oshite koto wa tanoshii da ne <- decode for PRIZES and COOKIES

Sayounara, and remember: Somehow, somewhere a duck is watching.

Nocturnal needs you!
Posted on September 14, 2008 at 10:40

Okay so for a while I have been swamped with all sorts of things, eating away my time: Making a website for my school, school work itself etc. and I havent really had time too work on my game developer's community:

There are a few updates which you might be interested in:

There's the AJAX messenger style chat room. There's the new white theme. There's the NEW POSTS area on the right where you can scroll through new posts from different areas on the site and there are probably some others I forgot.

So come along and show us what you've got.

Here's a pic of the new white theme, what do you think?

Also, this is just too awesome:

It ain't easy bein' cheezy
Posted on August 07, 2008 at 15:28

So for my next web project I'm making a flash games website, you know the sort. But I'm really going to try and make the design as awesome as possible. I've already added a lot the most popular flash games to my database. Now what I need is a nice pallete. Something cool and energetic. Any ideas?

Also, I made a quick banner thing, can anyone get the reference?

Also, yay because a game has appeared on my site, NAL's "Corners Kill" which is cool. I'm also getting a lot more people signing up than I expected. I fixed toned down the gradients as well, so you know, you guys can sign up and submit some stuff if you want.

</advert sorta>


Need to get out and watch me some Dark Knight, it sounds awesome. But for now I'm going to go and play some source games. Fun ^_^

Things are happening
Posted on August 06, 2008 at 17:51

So I took all the improvements that you guys suggested for my game making community and implemented them. Hopefully some people will make some noise on it now. What do you think of the changes?

I also learned a lot more Japanese, having decided that I'm going to take a gap year in Osaka before I got to university. Honestly I'm not really sure what I want to do anymore. I was sure I wanted to do something with computers before but now...

I got my results yesterday also, I was happy, but when I started talking to my friends and discovered some had done badly, I started to feel melancholy. You know when someone asks you how you did, you say great, and then it turns out they did bad and you don't know what to say? I hate that. But maybe I empathize too much. I don't know.

Right now I kind of just want to get back to school. Weird. I want to see my friends and practice Karate, which is off here during the summer. Oh well, having another little party in a while to celebrate results. That should be fun at least, I guess.

New Game Making Community!
Posted on August 05, 2008 at 14:49

Nocturnal Engine is a community based around making games, mainly with the Game Maker and begin uploading and playing games and examples, discussing projects or anything else you are interested in, and creating a profile that suits you.

There are fully functioning forums, blogs, upload centers, game submissions, shoutbox/chat area and IRC, PMs and so on.

So I'd appreciate it if you guys came along and got the ball rolling by submitting some of your best work and participating in the community.

In other news I met a I met a Japanese guy on the bay in a nearby town. He had arranged 1000 smooth rocks in a perfect semi circle on the bay and brushed hiragana and kanji on each.

He was quite a funny guy. Didnt speak a word of english like. Imagine just coming over and doing that while visiting Scotland :P

He gave me one of his stones and said something like "take and travel, later they will come together".

Pretty wierd huh? Also, I got my reults today: AAAAB so I'm pretty chuffed!

Hot tubs/funky javascript shiz
Posted on July 28, 2008 at 19:12

Konnichiwa, my people. It's been a while. And what have I been up to? I'll tell you?


You probably won't believe me but my GameMaker site, Nocturnal Engine, is sooo close to being complete. I am stuck with one small thing however. I am attempting to upgrade to an AJAX edit button.

However my javascript code to actually create the div in which you are going to type is unyielding. However I am rather unfamiliar with this process, it's probably something silly.

(Debbuging reveals that the script is actually executing onclick.)

The code is as follows, plz halp meh:

function open_edit(comment)
var edit_div=document.createElement('div');


I went to another hot tub party yesterday and got like 2 hours sleep so my pattern is pretty messed up. It was fun though. A lot of decent people and I girl I really like. We ended up staying in the tub from midnight till about 4 am, even eating pizzas and drinking in there xD.

A convo I found fairly funny regarding this, I'm in bold, Ace02 isn't:

It was fun though
We stayed in the hot tub from like midnight till 4am

Why on earth would you do that
Why the hell not?
It's a hot tub
With other people in it
Well you would sit around talking for that long at a party so why not do it in a hot tub?
You soak in the oils of other people and become a prune
Fair enough.

We were kind of tipsy anyway and nobody could be bothered to get out
Man, I'm surprised I wasnt wasted

That's about all for now. Thanks for reading.


Severance (#8)
Posted on June 27, 2008 at 18:06

Today was the last day of school which was aweshum. Basically, apart from a mind bending double period of maths (featuring terrifyingly complex examples of optimization, an application of calculus), I spent the day playing card games, saying goodbye to friends and playing "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" (or something).

Strange, I find myself less enthused at the prospect of seven weeks of my own than I felt I would. I miss my peeps already and I'm not usually a sentimental person. :( We'll have to get another hot tub party on the go. :P

Well now at least I have a crazy amount of time to round up my various projects, mostly my site, and get them into shape. Woooo! Summer! etc.

Anyway I've gotten rather into this browser game which I believe I discovered through one of KaBob's comments:

Yeah, that's right, it's a game, made with php...


Also, lol:

Wednesday 25 June 2008 (#7)
Posted on June 25, 2008 at 18:01

Only had a few classes today, maths, chemistry, physics. In fact... that's the maximum amount I can have now in 6th year. :D

I finally got a little competent at spit, managing to beat some of my friends. Not much interesting happened today, apart from (CT) getting the dux and (MB) getting the runner up, so good for them. Going to try to get back into making my website. I keep getting caught up in other stuff...

But now, sleep...

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