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Update! Choose your own difficulty, improved inventory and modified enemies!
Posted on October 09, 2016 at 18:17

Modular difficulty system is now live!
You can now increase difficulty of the missions and earn rewards for beating them!

Before starting the mission, now you're taken to mission overview screen. There you can enable different challenges that make mission harder.

You can:
  • Increase damage enemies deal.
  • Increase enemy armour.
  • Add chance to encounter dreadnoughts.
  • Increase chance to encounter modified enemies.
  • Choose to be bombarded by bombardment stations.
  • Choose to lose all earned parts and experience if you fail to complete the mission.
  • Increase mission length.
  • Increase ether cost of abilities.
You can enable as much challenges as you want.
More challenges means that you will get more and higher grade parts/amplifiers if you will complete mission!

No need to worry about not being able to hold so much parts and amplifiers!
Now inventory becomes bigger when you fill it up!
Additionally, new inventory supports item stacking, you can have hundreds of amplifiers and fill just few inventory slots.

Keep in mind that while inventory is infinite, you cannot start missions if you have more than three inventory pages.
​Pages disappear if you empty them.

The last big change of this update is the return of the modified enemies!

You now have chance to encounter enemies with sniper weapons, doubled armour, doubled damage, ether draining and swarmlings inside!

Modified enemies drop optimized and advanced parts.

List of other changes:​
  • Replaced +x weapon damage part property with +x% damage property.
  • Now there's one unleash chance part property instead of 4.
  • Added Amplifier XV that gives part +3% ability unleash chance.
  • Added Amplifier XVI that gives part +5 aggression.
  • Added Amplifier XVII that gives part +5 resistance.
  • Added Amplifier XVIII that gives part +5 mastery.
  • Added Amplifier XIX that gives part +5 capacity.
  • Removed laser ink, because it wasn't useful and wasn't working properly.
  • Improved part and item tooltips.
  • Rebalanced alloy container refill prices.
  • Improved region tooltips.
  • Added ability tooltips.
  • Acolytes can now drop parts.
  • Lurkers can now drop parts.
  • Reduced Spread Mines ability cooldown from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased damage of Missile Strike ability.
  • Reworked Destabilize ability, now it's called Bladed Mine.
  • Added Bladed Mine ability unleashed effect.
  • Reflected missiles are now slower.
  • Fixed mission 1 music bug.
  • Reworked dreadnoughts.
Have fun!

Next update: Story mission V!

PS.: If your inventory is broken, go to settings and press "Normalize legacy spaceship" button.

PPS.: I will upload updated demo on 64Digits some time later.

PPPS.: Made with GM:S

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