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Echo #57: One more week
Posted on December 04, 2016 at 14:47

Okay, guys, I know the game was not updated for longer than the month, but give me one more week!

All this time since the last echo I was working on [classified]. Right now it’s almost done, but I need to add 8 more [classified] until it’s finished.

Like I said before, no spoilers. But it’s safe to say that next update will be awesome!

Anyway, when [classified] will be finished, the polishing phase will begin.

New item management buttons and new enemy grouping has few problems that I have to fix before updating the game.

Besides that, with the mission V comes two changes to Sector Six missions.

You will no longer be able to enter the Core region, only during mission IV, future story missions, and endgame. You will also no longer be able to do resurrection missions without [classified], that can be obtained during mission V.

These changes are necessary for the story to make sense. They should not affect gameplay much.

I should manage to do all this new week and update game on weekend.

Wish me luck!

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