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Downtime Birthday
Posted on April 05, 2009 at 13:17

Yeah, so I had my birthday on the 21st. I'm 15. Wasn't too bad, I went to UConn for the Northeast Science Quizbowl competition, and when I got home I hung out with my friend Molly, who is one crazy bitch =P.

On Sunday, I went to the shooting range, shot a Glock 19, which is my favorite handgun, so that was fun.

The next weekend I had a breakdancing performance, which was stressful >_>

This coming weekend I am going to an Indian New Year dance, which should be fun (by fun, I mean I'm going to get laid).

Oh, and during the downtime, I went to my first really wild party, you know, the type with booze, drugs, and sex? Yeah.

VLC issues
Posted on November 09, 2008 at 14:42

The faggery daggery doo site.
^^ Who the hell put this here? It wasn't me.

I've been having problems with VLC player- the new version sucks compared the version I used to have. First of all, it has weird interface which I don't like, and second it crashes CONSTANTLY. Does anyone know where to get the old VLC, the one with the plain, simple interface? I absolutely HATE the new interface, and when watching movies it crashes every 5 minutes.

Posted on October 30, 2008 at 17:49

So, yeah. History homework, breeakdancing class and friends. The three things that keep me from completing my zombie game. I only knew about it on sunday (hadn't checked the site for a month) and so I started work then. Been working on it little by little every day, but yesterday, I didn't work on it very much, and today, I thought I could get a lot done, but I got a lot of homework in World History, and then I have breakdancing class at 1830, which lasts until 2100, which is when I hit the bunk (I have to wake up at 0500, so it's your required 8 hours)

Sooooo.... No Zombiz for you. Sorry. I should have checked up on this site earlier, but I had to re-install XP and so all my bookmarks got erased and I was too lazy to put them back.

Wow, long time no blog
Posted on October 28, 2008 at 12:38

Been awhile since I last came here. I found out about the competition, and guess what I'm making! A Zombie FPS! YEY!!!



Where'd they go?!?!

For filler, screenies of my zombie game so far (No enemies yet, the gun is a placeholder)

I'm still working on textures.. I'm having trouble with the texturing in U3D

Pop-Up problems
Posted on August 24, 2008 at 18:33

So, I have been having some problems with pop-ups in FF3. I have never had pop-up problems before, I think this may have started form me attempting to pirate a copy of Mix Meister, which may have turned out to be a virus (every time it ran it said 'unexpected error' and closed).

I've tried everything normal, ran a virus/spyware scan with Avast and SuperAntiSpyware, which came up with some things but did not fix the problem.

So here is my problem: A process called WLLoginProxy.exe opens up when a pop-up opens up. I was wondering if it was possible to block this process from opening, because I think it's what is causing the problem. When I end the process form the Task Manager, the pop-ups stop. The process only opens when I open FF3 (I've tried re-installing, no dice)

Just wondering if anyone knew how to automatically close the process once it opens up, without me having to go into task manager.

Turns out I'm wrong
Posted on July 17, 2008 at 09:03

Turns out, I can't blog as much as I'd like, because I have to share a computer with Iron Ryu, (I thought we would have more than one laptop), and he hogs all the empty computer time reading his stupid manga. He follows over 150 mangas online, and adds to that list about once a week. As such, I don't have as much time as I'd have like on the computer, and when I do have time, I usually spend it playing the new games we've bought.

I would do more Gamemaker-related things, but unfortunately anim8or hates Vista, and it's a pain to work with on DX10. Sure, our laptop dual-boots, but guess what it dual boots? Vista, and more vista. GHEY

So, yeah. I probably won't be blogging as much as I'd like.

Liquid Porn
Posted on July 04, 2008 at 11:00


Engrish is awesome =P.

Yeah, so I made it here to Thailand. So far I've gone to an awesome technology mall, where you could buy pirated games for $2 and legit games for $8. Other technology was cheaper too, but high-end graphics cards, CPUs and pre-builds are still expensive. Food is cheap, five bucks for a 4 person meal. I've also ridden an ELEPHANT on a fucking highway. We went to a cool Buddhist temple crawling with monkeys.

We also bought dirt-cheap but fairly good Airsoft guns. One shotgun is really good, but the two M4's we bought suck epic dicks, as do most airsoft m4's. My friend is obsessed with reloading the two Sig P228 pistols we bought as well, just dropping an inserting a new clip, repeatedly. All night. Click click. Click click. Click click. Ok I'll stop.

Yesterday we went to the Army base and went to the shooting range, but it was kinda cheap. Each bullet (.38 spc) cost 40 bat, or $1.30, so I only got to shoot 10 rounds. Was less than expected, but w/e.

Anyway, said 'friend' now has a 64D account- t3h31337n00b, now Iron Ryu- so add him as a friend to make himself feel better. Please do, as he is holding my lung hostage until he gets 15 friends. So it's friend, or sign up for my SWAT rescue team. Your choice. Crazy asian or a couple clicks.

What I hate about the games industry:
Posted on June 24, 2008 at 12:06

Things I hate about the games industry right now:

PC is a platform for MMOs

It seems like the only genre that has always been stronger on the PC than consoles is MMOs. Sure, RTS's have long been PC-exclusive titles, but currently, a lot more strategy titles are coming out for consoles. FPS's were birthed on the PC, and retain a strong fanbase, but this seems to be comprised of two types of people: newbs who dont own consoles yet, and hardcore gamers in leagues and such. Not to mention, very few PC-exclusive FPSes recently or upcoming.

Half-assed PC ports

Ubisoft Montreal, I'm looking at you. God damnit, some people don't want to have to pay more for a gaming PC than a Xbox, just to run Xbox games! Not to mention, the PC ports of games such as Rainbow Six Vegas are amazing on consoles, but are filled with bugs and run at nearly unplayable framerates on the PC! Rainbow Six Vegas had the worst middle-mouse-button support I've ever seen. It would only scope in certain situations, causing me to die unnecessarily, too often. I had to map my scope key to the keyboard.

Assassin's Creed, another Ubisoft Montreal game, also sucked dick for PC. It ran worse than any other game, and wasn't even that good. Of course, the console version wasn't that great either.

Gears of War took an Xbox to run it as well. All I'm asking is for some more graphics options!!! PLEASE GIVE US MORE COD4s


Treyarch sucks. I hope that COD:WaW is as good as the stills look, because if it isn't as good or better than CoD4, there will be riots. Treyarch sucks.

I had more but I forgot in my rant about PC ports. Anyways, I leave for Thailand tomorrow at 0730


PS: Valve rocks! Valve should have 3000x the people it has now so that it can make 3000x the awesome games. I like how it evenly balances PC and console games, but how the PC games are the best, cuz of Steam, which is amazing.

Finally I'm back
Posted on June 20, 2008 at 22:06

So, school finally got out. Due to this occurance, I believe that I can now re-join the site. This is because my new school totally ate my time, and the free time I had I spent with my real friends, not you guys. Hopefully over the summer I'll be able to get back into the community here, though I think my new (more ghetto) personality is a lot different than the old one, so don't expect anything much. I'm basically a new person, maybe I should make a new account, start over eh?

In the future, expect to be hearing a lot about:

1) Thailand- I am going to Thailand this summer with my man Takorn, so I'll be posting updates frequently

2) Lilith: Nightstalker- The highly-anticipated (at least by 2 people) stealth-action-adventure game is coming this summer! That is what Takorn and I are doing all summer in the downtime.

So, expect a lot more of me around here.

Peace bro,

Posted on April 22, 2008 at 21:15

(Note: I copied this out of my post in Ronnica's blog. If you are looking for new material look elsewhere)

I feel left out. Do to my new school, my attendance at 64D has dropped dramatically, as has my GM use. Though, I guess this is a good thing: While I haven't really kept up with my friends here on the internet, I have made many new ones (in real life). Unfortunately, I don't know if the 3 hour drive every day is worth it, especially since there are a few really annoying people in my school, and I can't just block them like I could with everyone else. See, the problem is this: My school only opened this year (It is a school for Science) and it turns out that I am the most popular kid in the school. The real issue, is that there are only 33 kids in the entire school, and the school itself is very small. While my old school had maybe 4-5 annoying kids in it, it had many many more kids I didn't mind. Now, there are 3-4 kids I can't stand, but that's 10% of the whole school. I just can't get away from them (And I carpool with one, so there is no escape).

I am distraught. I have to go to this school next year, but I'm not sure if I really want to. Next year is my probably my last year in the US, as my dad might (read: highly probable) get a job in the Foreign Service, so I'd live in Europe somewhere (not England). I want my last year here to be worth it, both socially and educationally. Economically, I should go back to my old public school where I have only 15 minute commute, very little homework, and lots of time to work on my games. Educationally, I should go to my current school, ASD, because I am taking courses a whole year above my grade level, in some cases two years. Socially, I am split between the two: I have a small group of very close friends, one of which I am going to Thailand with over the summer. This is why I can not go back to my old school. It would be very rude (in my opinion) to go to Thailand with someone, get free room and board, then leave 2 weeks after and never see them again. He is my best friend I have had since 2nd grade though. In my old school I have no friends other than those online. While I like my new school overall, I hate some of the people in it. They are the social outcasts of social outcasts. Some of them have left, such as the Trekkie because he was hated by everyone, even the teachers. But the other annoying ones are not allowed to leave, because their parents are not giving them a choice of going back to their old schools.

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