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Posted on March 09, 2013 at 21:26 Right.

You can call me Sheep, I guess. Just flunked out of Full Sail's Game Art program. Four months of my time wasted. But I got around $20k of free shit, so....yeah.

I first heard of 64Digits last year, right around the time Slender: The Eight Pages became popular (August?). I ended up on the Know Your Meme page for Slender Man, and learned that the first game to use him as an antagonist was posted here. Which is pretty cool. I forgot about the site after that. Then, earlier this week, I mentioned to a friend (you know her as pounce) my interest in making video games. She reintroduced me to the site and convinced me to join.

I guess I should tell you a bit about me. I like listening to music, mostly hard rock and heavy metal. I play quite a few games, Halo 4 multiplayer and Grand Theft Auto IV mostly at the moment, but I always seem to be playing Minecraft or Skyrim. Also, I've never liked Pokemon. Loved the anime, but that's apparently not the same thing. I was poor as a kid. Fuck me, right?

So....yeah. Blog.

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