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Posted on October 16, 2011 at 03:08

i feel like i've spent the lapse in a haze. i seriously wish i hadn't deleted all my posts when this went south with pandaroo but it is what it is and much like the time i've wasted there's nothing to do but move on. write again. use my brain for more than amusing babies and keeping my man properly snu'd. believe it or not snu does require a fair amount of brain power. unless your okay with just getting plowed. which, clearly, i'm not. i can't believe how amazing 64 digits looks now, when i left it it was cool but now it looks really legit. before when someone would figure how to hack in here and there and everywhere i kind of expected it, cause it had a sort of raw feel. like either thats a game robbie and canadonian played with all of you or mabe some of the rougher edges were still being smoothed out. maybe the cracks that let you roam free behind the scenes were like easter eggs. but now its just so cleaaannnn and professional looking. i'd actually be surprised if i logged on and found someone leaving liitle notes and edits on my posts (as opposed to before where i always wondered if i'd find something really funny or stupid with my name attached to it). i'm so happy to be back. mmmm..... yeah, i feel good here...


kaedit: something funny or stupid with your name attached to it

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