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yay 64digits.
Posted on April 05, 2009 at 19:29

I guess. I hope it'll get better then it was before the downtime. anyway yeah. I basically havn't done anything for a while, except for a few things:

Note: can't upload to 64digits right now so I'm using imageshack for pictures.

some hill arty picture generator thing.

A topdown world generator based off something I saw the internet, runs rather slow because I did it the lazy way with surfaces.

some random colours thing

Some game sorta thing that's really not finished and stuff.


Posted on September 17, 2008 at 22:33

No updates with Golf!, but I'm going to start working on it again soon. While I've not been working on Golf!, I've then I've been messing around with GM making random things.

In what ever order it sorted it out as:

It draws circles randomly in the room which invert each other.

Just messing around with .mod and such music files. Background is based on the instruments playing.

It draws circles that expand until the either hit something, or they reach a limit on the radius. The colour is based on a point on a loaded image.

Originally made points spin around a center with varying speeds. Messed around with it and made this.

Just draws a pixel at a random square if it finds it within a certain time, which is for speed and so it doesn't overlap as much. Colour of a pixel is the average of two random colours on screen other then white.

just draws a line from one random point to another if the point isn't white.

draws random circles so it has an image, then it draws a line of the image offset by one, and darkens it a little.

if a random point is over a black spot, it draws a pixel offset from where it is, this creates a growing effect.

makes random lines offset by some amount, then fills some of them in with white.

I was messing around with strange attractors.

draws squares with random offsets and rotations, once white then once black, and repeats that for some amount of times.

I think that's everything.

UPC-A bar code and Substrate
Posted on September 06, 2008 at 18:22

well, I felt like doing something different, so I made a substrate thing, which looks like the bottom most pictures. I also made procedural bar code which I believe is UPC-A, look at the first one . The substrate thing was much easier to do then I would have thought. The bar code was probably a bit harder then I thought it would be, but then, I also made it so you can change it a little, the order of it, like instead of SLLLLLLMRRRRRRE you can change it. you can also change the values of each, along with the values of each number, but they have to be 7 digits long. In the substrate settings, you can change the amount it starts with, the way it starts, on the edges or randomly in the room, direction stuff, and if it can wrap.

It's bar code, what'd you expect?


Golf! demo
Posted on September 05, 2008 at 17:13

Not much new, added a bit of stuff to the settings. I haven't done anything with the ball physics yet. Siert, you suggested putting them in the settings right? I'll need to know what you want for that, just the ball direction and speed, and ground normals? Anyway, I added a few things for the trees, the chance for them, weather they can grow on either the dirt, sand, or soil, and the min and max length of the branch. I also added water transparency, friction, and chance.


Also, that's the fps. forgot to remove it.



Posted on September 04, 2008 at 19:34

Didn't do to much today, but I added clouds, and made it rain from the clouds this made the old system useless. The clouds also scroll across the screen. I removed the blur as no one really liked it to much. Cloud colours can be set like the water and trees. The cloud also has a min and max radius for the x and y axis, and the min and max amount of clouds. Juju also wanted a different air friction, and didn't like the trails, so I added control on that to the settings.

Next I plan to start moving variables into the settings. I also made water look better when it hits other water, I made it so it'll not go underwater before it disappears. I also plan to add more colour to the clouds. I think that's all. I also want to upright the trees a bit rather then just have them at the curve of the ground their on. Then I want to make more vegetation.

Picture time:

I also need to get to the ball physics...

I'll probably have a demo tomorrow.


Posted on September 03, 2008 at 17:35

School again. I didn't do to much today, but I messed around a little. I also made rain. I added a for more things to settings like ball colour, and how it draws the screen at the start, the old way, which is faster, or the new way, which is slower. Also made it so you can choose not to see the ground, water, or trees generate, which is faster. You can turn the rain off, which is the only weather right now, and change the rain colour. I also added a background blur, and trails to the water particles and ball. you can change the amount of blur in settings. Almost forgot, I made the weather density where you set s variable to "x:y" where x is the amount of rain drops, and y is the space amount x is spread over. it then repeats this over the whole room. 1:480 is a decent amount, anything less can really start to lag. Still haven't done anything about the ball physics, but I'll get to it.. soon.

Anyway, picture time:

blur on 4, 1:480 rain.

no blur, 1:120 rain.

blur on 3, 1:120 rain.

So, how does that look?


Golf! Demo
Posted on September 02, 2008 at 20:58

Had school today, oh boy. Other then that, I've been working on Golf!, I fixed the water particles disappearing when they reach the edge of water. The ball was supposed to be like that because I don't have it bouncing right yet. I still don't, but I think it's closer. Other then that, a few bug fixes and added a thing to allow for colour limits, and limiting to multiple sets of colours, like you can have black to red trees, and black to blue trees without getting any colours other then that per tree, I also added this to water. The ground, sand, and soil, all can have their colour changed, but only one colour. I also fixed drawing when the world generated. I also fixed up the normals on the ground, and added a max angle the trees can bend, so now they should look right.

With the settings file, I'll add more variables to it later, but for now, it just has the colours. Read the commented lines so you know what to do. If you mess it up, redownload I guess, but that'll mess up the counter, meh. If you have any questions on it, let me know.


and the demo:

NOTE: ball physics are crap, I know, don't tell me. Tell me if you manage to brake Golf!, unless it's one of the following:

- ball bouncing odd

above is updated for each new problem, if you find an error not listed above, state it in a comment.

Ok, I think that's everything.


Also, I forgot this, put it with the exe.


Golf! Demo, now with .zip
Posted on September 01, 2008 at 18:18

Well, I worked on Golf! nearly the whole day. Other then the ball, I think I got everything I planned to do done. Added water, and as juju suggested, a water splash. The splash is a little overpowered right now, but that's easy to fix. I could also use the splash for rain by putting splashing just 1 particle at the top of the screen. I made the tree's coloured and thick, they also can change colour as they grow.

I plan on doing clouds next, and then I can do the tree's leaves. I'm also trying to think of how to do the background, other then the decoration things. I think I might just do solid black. I also will have the layers have varying colour, rather then a single solid colour. I'd also change the sand and soil colours, but then it'll be hard to tell what's sand and stuff, oh well, I'll think of something. I also should probably add a limit on the amount a trunk can turn from it's original spot so I don't have U-bend trees.

Anyway, picture time.

Edit: messed up pasting it into paint.

and the demo:

NOTE: the bouncing has been made stable, but inaccurate, and is just used for the demo. But the friction works. Tell me if you manage to brake it, unless it's one of the following:

Also, the following are randomized; the amount of trees, the colour of everything except the ball, the ground, the trees, the water friction, and transparency (which is only .5 to .7 I think.).

- tree's in weird directions.
- ball bouncing odd
- water particles disappearing at the edge of a body of water. they're supposed to disappear when they hit the ground or other water only.
- odd terrain bit where the soil/sand layer sort of comes above the normal ground level, and has a sort of bar code like look it it. something like ||||. hard to explain, but I've seen it.
- When it generates a level, it needs to work better, it works now because it doesn't refresh the background on screen_redraw()
- I left the number over the ball in on accident. (number of particles)

above is updated for each new problem, if you find an error not listed above, state it in a comment.

Ok, I think that's everything.



Posted on August 31, 2008 at 22:44

So, went off to a mediaeval fair today, hour and a half away, was fun. Took my laptop and worked on Golf! so I had something to do. There's not to much new, but trees are around half done, no leaves yet, and the values need some changing. I also made it so it'll use the highest ground layer so it doesn't go thru the ground. Also, in order to fix a bug with the tree, I ended up making it visually generate the level, so now you get to see it. The rest of the changes are just little bug fixes. I also thought of another idea, water. Little pools of water will form.

I keep having to redo the ball physics, but I think I'm closer now. Every time I redo them, they get more physicsy, whereas before they where a bit.. odd, but I've been working on them. So yeah, there getting there. I also made it have made it so you hit the ball, which is crap right now, rather then just clicking and dropping it as I had for testing.

But other then trees, it's all been under the hood work. But I do have a little cleaning to do, few left over variables that I didn't use with the trees, stuff with limits. I need to get rid of the ones I'm not using, and actually use the ones I need. I also need to add a limit to the ball's speed, But I should worry about this last, I still need to get the ball to bounce right, then I need to get the friction in, which I hope will be as easy as it should. I also plan on adding colour to the trees, along with foreground and background trees and making thick lines. Once I can get the ball's physics right, I'll give the trees some colour, and post a little demo.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up with pictures. Just ignore the white line below the ball, it shows the way the ball will go, and the ball is a bit broken. And yes the tree's are a bit ugly right now.

First project that I've actually been happy to work on for more then one day.


Posted on August 30, 2008 at 15:06

Well, I started a new project, Golf!. Basically I plan on having something like a 2d version of Golf?.

So far it makes a world and stuff, all procedural.

Right now, everything should be able to be changed in settings thanks to variable whoring.

The layer system is simple, it has X amount of layers, and make terrain based on them, the most complicated layer is the top layer, which has soil and sand. the level down that this goes, the level of the sand and soil in the soil layer can change. kind of hard to explain.

I plan on doing more with the layers, like colour variation in it, where it changes colour, and different effects in it.

The line is the normal of the ground, which is currently where the mouse is, so I've got that covered. I'll either need to cover multiple layers, which is easy, or make it fail if it another layer goes over the layer above it, rather then just bend down.

I also have to work on the decoration, which won't be to hard, just need to write a plant, cloud, and stone creator. I've made trees and (cartoon) clouds before, so I've go that covered, and plants won't be two hard, and bushes are just clouds.

Also, This is all in one object.

the plans are:
- one object
- as few as possible sprites, all of which are external.
- ability to change everything within reason.
- ground decoration of some sort
- vegetation, trees, plants, bushes, grass, ect.
- basic wildlife, like birds in the sky
- clouds

Edit: Got the ball working. Just need to fix the normals.

Edit: Got the golf ball mostly working, bounces right I think.

Edit: The collision seems to work fine now.

That banner of his.
Posted on August 16, 2008 at 16:42

Yes that's right, Ross' banner. I made a game out of it, and you like it.

download and comment.

Remember: It's Ross' banner and that's why it's like it is. I didn't have a choice in the matter.

It's a asteroid invaders clone, but it's made from Ross' banner.

Edit: it's invaders. not asteroids.

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