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Lets Party Like it's 2007!
Posted on August 08, 2012 at 09:56

Hey guys whats up, long time no talk.

As your resident Active User List Mod I feel compelled to give you all an update into my not so interesting life.

School is starting back up again, kind of excited to take more interesting classes. As a computer engineering student I finally feel like I've waded through all the bullshit 'weed-out' classes and getting into some cool stuff. In the mean time I've been working full time at the same engineering group I have since high school (3 years now, wow). I've been working on some cloud development solutions with Hadoop and other fun treats.

On the side I've been working on some iOS app development with a friend of mine. We're still pretty new at the whole thing but it's been fun learning and we have some cool ideas. Maybe I'll blog about them!

In other news I've been working on my car a lot, a 2010 Subaru WRX. Later in the month I plan to attend a HPDE (high performance driving event) where I get actual track time with an instructor in my car for a great rate. Below is a picture of my car a few days ago doing a brake job and swapping tires. Sorry for this shitty cell quality.

Though I haven't blogged in a while it was great to have fsx come down to visit TG and myself in Baltimore. I still think 64d should have an east coast summit somewhere so we can all meetup and be as awkward in real life as we are online. All in favor?

Posted on July 28, 2007 at 05:27

Whats this? A blog by hobomonkeyc :o?!


Well anyway, I've been having a pretty good summer, just finished working with my dad. He sold some furniture to a parole and probation center. So he graciously (-.-) gave me a job there, transferring old files into new ones. Let's just say after 3 weeks of that, it looked like I stuck my hand into a weed wacker. But hey, I got to watch 3 arrests take place. It's like watching cops in 1st person. Some guy got owned by a cop and I laughed, then he looked at me all nastyfulish.

It did pay good though, so now I got cash to spend.

I also found this:


Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9pyR_90RdOg

Many people know about sites such as 4chan and ebaums that have done such things stated in the video. I do find the video pretty funny though, getting dumped over gay porn on your myspace, EPIC LULZ, hacker gangs, and Fox News not having anything to make conservative propaganda on.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow, should be fun.

I'll make another blog in about another 4 months! Sike, I'm trying to post on 64d more.

P.S. I don't know why Fox news would screw with internet nerds and give them that kind of recognition. They already dismantled their blog talking about the video lmao. Internet nerds > Crappy news.

Posted on March 11, 2007 at 16:37

Yeah, haven't been active in a really long time. Partly due to school work and other crap that has been going on.

It is true, you cannot leave 64digits. It's like freaking impossible.

Oh, yesterday I played in my rec team's championship game. We lost by one point at the end of the game and it was teh suck :(

I did however score 10 points. +10 for me.

Me and TG are getting around to starting to play Diablo II again. Even though I'm too lazy to reinstall it, we will eventually get back around to it. Diablo is kinda like 64d, you love it, but when you leave it, you come right back.

Oh yes, and I had a question.

Does anybody know a good video editor? Preferably something that is free, something that can crop videos and like add music or something like that.


What the hell
Posted on February 23, 2007 at 15:52

Who are all of these new people o.0

Hai Guyz Im Nu :D
Posted on February 09, 2007 at 13:07

Yeah :D

Well, I'm not new to 64digits, but I am new to photoshop.

I finally got it, I uhh, found it on the internet. I was a longtime GIMP user, I actually got pretty good at it also. I'll probably still use GIMP a little. I made my banner in GIMP, and pretty much everything else.

Does anybody know where to get good vector renders? Or how to make them :|? I really like the cartoonish look that they have, yet they can turn out really nice.

Vector: <img src="http://64digits.com/users/hobomonkeyc/kanyevector3.png">;

Its kinda like the GTA style of art.

Oh, and I made a new signature for a different forum. It is my first official not crap sig.
<img src="http://64digits.com/users/hobomonkeyc/kewli_sig.png">;

<b>Basketball </b>

Anybody play? I have a game tomorrow, so far my stats on the season are alright.

3 points 1/4 shooting :|
8 assists
1/1 free throws
3 rebounds

My teams 1-1 Hopefully we can win the championship, were actually pretty good.

Posted on January 16, 2007 at 17:36

Yep, this is the week of midterms for most of us in high school. Last year, a barley studied, and didn't do that well lol. So I'm gonna try to change that this year and study a crap load :D

Plus, if I get good grades, I can do whatever I want practically.

Today, I took the French III midterm. It was hard like I expected, but I came in prepared and I think I got a solid C, maybe B on it. Which will be good compared to the rest of the class.

Tomorrow I have Software Apps and Biology. The software Apps one is a joke, I could have done it when I was like 10... So I'll probably just end up listening to my ipod and playing some games offa 64d like usual.

For Bio, my teacher is being really nice. She is letting us cram as much info onto a 4 in x 6 in note card. She said it can't be typed though, so I gotta handwrite it... I paid my small Asian friend to write like half of it. He literally fit half of my textbook on the front of the note card... It's so small, and I have 20/15 vision :P

Oh, and my friend plans to just run by the classroom during the midterms and scream at the top of his lungs under the door, then run like hell.

Should be fun :)

Oh, one more thing. WHAT THE FUCK! It's getting so cold, and it hasn't snowed over an inch so far this year... Last Saturday it was 70 degrees. I wore freaking shorts in January...

Now its just getting cold, and no snow. I hope we get a crap load the week after midterms though :o

We already have a 3-day weekend, so 3day weekend+snowdays = ownage.

Posted on January 13, 2007 at 10:59

Nothin really too much to blog about. I just haven't done it in sooo long :P

My friend in my computer class wants me to make him a sexy banner. I only have GIMP, and I've been using it for probably a year by now. Does anybody want to give me their PS: CS2 key :D?

Oh, and I almost got suspended a day due to "guilty of association." Which would have been total bullshit. My friend brought his dead camera (one of the old windup ones, not digital) and he had used up all the film that he had taken somewhere else. So, he took the camera and did the little smash it on your hand till it flashes in peoples eyes. He did this while in the guys locker room also. So the teacher saw it and thought that he was taking pictures of guys XD.

The idiot teacher called an administrator, and since I was standing right next to my friend, we both had to go to the office o.0

The teacher wasn't that stupid... He said that I didn't do anything so I got to leave. But my friend got suspended for FIVE DAYS -_-.

Ohh, and I just learned that a teacher at a different school in my county got arrested for child molestation...

Guess what, he lives 5 houses down from me O.O I was talking to Arc on msn and I was like, "Oh shit, a buncha cops are outside my house..." That was just them piling down my street rofl.

Man this blog is creepy....

Wii Painting
Posted on December 24, 2006 at 11:49

If you own a wii, get on opera and go to this site


you can paint with the wii and its cool :o






Break, Holidays
Posted on December 21, 2006 at 17:01

Happy Holidays to everybody on 64digits :)

Anyways... tomorrow is my last day of school before break. I know some of these lucky bastards got out a day early... But I'm actually looking forward to going to school tomorrow. My schedule is incredibly easy, its not even funny. Plus everybody is all hyped up for the holidays.

First Period: French - NOTHING, my teacher already told us she was taking off and that we would have a sub. And she didn't make a lesson plan, so we would probably watch finding nemo or something...

Second Period: Software apps - My teacher is kinda weird, but I learned that she used to teach a game designing class, and that she knew GML pretty well. She told us tomorrow that we could bring in anything that has "technology." Somebody is bringing DDR with 2 dance pads, and a bunch of other people are bringing their DS. Fun class

Third Period: Bio - Nothing, probably some cheesy Bill Nye movie that we will eventually just turn off and chill with people. Plus the girl that I like is in that class.

Fourth Period: Algebra 2 - My math teacher is like 25, he dosent give a crap either. He told us that if somebody brought in a movie that was "appropriate" then we could watch it.

Fifth Period: Government - For the past few days we have been watching some movie on the Clinton sex scandal. But we mainly just hang out anyway. These two kids in my class also have rap battles so its pretty funny :D

Sixth Period: Holiday Concert - This is the highlight of my day. About 6 people that I know are bringing their DS and Mario Kart. During the concert, none of the staff watches us. They just make sure that we are quiet. This guy planned a Grand Prix during the concert XD. I can't wait for that.

After: Go home, go to the mall with all the crazy X-mas shoppers, find people to hang with, try and find a holiday party :)

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