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Posted on January 03, 2017 at 09:20

Still on the upswing from the Pneumonia. It seems like this will be a bit of a long process. I don't feel comfortable going out into the world again yet. Tried going to the store yesterday and it took a lot out of me still. Instead, I'm working from home as much as I can. I'm pretty tired of feeling like I'm not doing much.

To fight that feeling over the past few days, I've tried to work on my game as much as I could. I find that I get a bit dizzy after a while at the computer, so I have to work in chunks, but I've managed to get a decent amount of progress. I have a few screenshots to share, some new, some of older stuff, but hopefully all exciting...

...except the first one. I think I'm the only one who will be excited by this.

The UI of the game has always felt like it doesn't belong. A lot of floating text. I randomly tried adding a bit of a backing shadow (drop shadow if you will) to the floating text of the UI, and things suddenly just *felt* so much better. While the UI will have some serious iteration to come, I think this is a step towards feeling better about the whole look and feel of the game.

This is the "overview" screen. Think of it as a scoreboard in an online game. It's only up while you hold a hotkey, and shows your current progress, as well as some info about the area you're in. It's nothing major, but it's a nice way to see where you're at.

This is rev 1.1 of the actual spell selection screen. What you're seeing is all of the icons for Psychic spells (as of right now). The background has a neat, dynamic transparency cloud going on, giving a feeling that the background is just a smoke. Squares are active spells, circles are passives. Grayed out spells are locked until a given level.

The player starts with 4 active slots and 1 passive slot. Passive slots will unlock from major missions, which will add to the power of the player. I currently plan to have them as quest rewards for not-main-questline-quests to encourage the player to explore to become more powerful, rather than take the path of least resistance.

Finally, a preview of a town I just started building last night. A tiny, tiny preview. As you enter the town, the dirt road you've been travelling becomes cobblestone (wip texture), and you're greeted with a sign announcing the town's name, as well as a little desire path directing you to the nearest inn.

The trees in this town are also much more varied in color, as the town is slightly further north.

This town, as with most in this game, can also be found in the Elicti games. This game's world can be considered a future / AU of Elicti. For those who played the game, if you can recall (I barely can), it was the town with the bullet hell minigame in it!

I tweeted the other day saying that I'm noticing it's hard to stop playing when testing the game. Through a few overhaul tweaks to the gameplay over the past couple of weeks, I feel that it has become much more enjoyable to play. My goal is to tune the gameplay to a refined edge, in the hopes that it just becomes a joy to play, even when fighting the simplest enemy.

Hope all is well in your new year. I'm hoping to have some kind of release this year, even just beta.


Looks nice.
Posted by Cpsgames January 03, 2017 9:39 - 7.7 months ago
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Posted by ludamad January 09, 2017 17:18 - 7.5 months ago
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Also, hello Ludamad :D
Posted by twisterghost January 10, 2017 10:11 - 7.5 months ago
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