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Music and Sound
Posted on February 15, 2017 at 07:35

This past weekend, I focused a lot more on the music and sound work in my game. Up until now, its only had two tracks, which, given the limited world size right now, didn't get too much in the way. Though, I realized that I wanted to begin to give areas more definition, and one of the best ways to handle that is music.

The track above is titled "The Stories Woods can Tell." Much of the inspiration for this game, and previously Elicti, were the woods behind my house growing up. My room's window overlooked a forest that went really far back, into a preserve. During the spring and fall, I'd leave my window open to smell the fresh air from the woods, which always gave me a rush of inspiration to work on whatever my current project was.

That hasn't changed still. Fresh air in a breeze through the window still puts me on cloud nine.

The game begins in a very small town, borderline an outpost in the forests. You can head in most directions if you can navigate the forest and end up in a larger town, but starting you off in a slow-paced village, surrounded by woods full of mystery makes for a nice introduction to the world. The more extreme ends of the map will contain significantly harder terrain, enemies, quests and events, but to ease you in, you'll begin by seeing a small town go about their business, unhooked from the rest of the world.

Music plays during daytime hours, and you'll be greeted with a quiet, darker ambiance at night. During the night, as darkness encroaches, it becomes dangerous to travel without torches, or a spell to help illuminate your path. Enemies may jump you out of the veil of darkness. Travelling at all is a difficult task, and travelling at night is a borderline death sentence. The sound design of the game needs to convey that.

As I begin the foray into sfx and more music, I'll post more tracks and concepts as they come. Excited to be working in the music space again, and hoping I learn more as I go to make an inspiring soundtrack to explore the world with.


Really nice track! It's what I call "real game music".
Posted by Zuurix February 15, 2017 10:38 - 6.2 months ago
| [#1]

Very relaxing. It makes me want to start up my projects again, too!
Posted by Cpsgames February 15, 2017 13:05 - 6.2 months ago
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