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Takagi posted on June 30, 2008 at 9:31 PM


So I decided to look up the stuff I used to like three-five years ago.

Wow, I had such bad taste. I'm going to note what I liked then, what I like now, and some trends.

Music: Then:
+44? Blink-182? Green Day (post-American Idiot Green Day)? Sum 41?

Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Techno, Eurodance, Motion City Soundtrack, Nightwish, the pillows.

Less crap, more electronic, indie, and foreign music.

Television: Then:
Animes like Bleach and Naruto? I rest my case.

Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fawlty Towers, House, Mind Your Language

More mature stuff, British comedy added

Movies: Actually, this has stayed pretty much constant. The movies I liked then I still like.

Hobbies: Old:
Game Maker, moderating GMC, playing video games.

Game making has died. I don't use GM, nor do I moderate the GMC with an iron fist. I hate video games if I play them for more than an hour now... with a few exceptions (melee, Tales of Symphonia). I'm trying to learn CSS and actually design decent webpages. I do most of my programming in C++/C.

Maturity +6.

Outlook on Life: I've mellowed out a hell of a lot in the last year... as anyone can tell. I've screwed the whole anti-social thing, but I'm still quiet. I think. I'm a bit more optimistic.

Political Views: More liberal socially, more financially conservative. That still places me in the "liberal" category.

Wow, this is a nice way to look back on five years of my life and see how much progress I made.

@sk8, don't stalk my friends/spam my wall.

Takagi posted on May 10, 2008 at 5:21 AM

Takagi's an Insomniac

It's midnight, and I'm wide awake. I can't sleep. Too much caffeine. Hah, it's pretty weird, feeling wired on caffeine.

I guess I'll follow the typical Takagi blog format....

Music: No new music for me. Cascada's "Everytime we Touch" is my new favorite song. I'm also liking Linkin Park. That one band that I liked in 5th grade, then hated right after that.

Their older stuff is cool, and I like the start "Bleed it Out". I like Mike Shinoda's stuff... Fort Minor is too "hip hop" though. I like a middle road between the two. It's hard to explain. "Faint" is good, "Numb" I like, and "Papercut" is weird.

School etc: School's okay. I'm almost sure I will have straight A's this semester. Not sure about AP exams though. Comp. Sci, US Government and Comparative Government, all seemed a bit hard. I didn't study enough I guess... Physics and Lang are soon, so I need to work on those this weekend. I'm also guaranteed number 1 at the end of the year if I get all A's.

Speaking of which...

Why are all the hot girls really.... ditsy? Take for instance our lovely redhead Haley (our being friends is a great example of us both being awesome/forgiving). Three examples to prove that the cutest/best-looking girls are a bit dull.

Example 1:
Her: "Yeah, my dad's in China... or somewhere near there. What's that country that starts with 'Q'?"
Me: "Qatar?"
Her: "Yeah!"
Me: "Qatar is in the Middle East. It's balling. It's nowhere near China."

Example 2:
Me: "Yeah, I used to live in Columbus."
Her: "Wait.... we have a city called 'Columbus'?"
Me: "Yeah, in Ohio."
Her: "Wait.... they have a city called Columbus?"

Example 3:
Me: "You like your cousin? You too?"
Her: *laugh* "Wait... did you say 'you too?'"

One word to describe what goes in most girls' mind: Lag. It's like playing an online game where the host has dialup. And you're running Windows ME.

Oh yeah, I had the weirdest incident when I assumed she knew programming.

Scene: Casual before-school meeting
Me: "Real men program on paper" (in reference to AP Comp. Sci)
Her: "Like 'int' and stuff?"
Me: "Whoa, you know CPP?"
Her: "Huh?"
Me: "You can code in C plus plus? Java? C?"
Her: "No.... my calculator has this 'int' function on it... isn't that programming?"

Actors and things I hate: I hate high school actors.

First of all, they're arrogant snobs. "Look at me, I'm awesome! I can do a British accent! Now sleep with me."

Secondly, people listen to them. And love them. "Oh Joe, you were so awesome!!!" I could do the same exact thing, but no... I don't get "Takagi, you were so awesome!". I get a "Takagi, stop being such an idiot. And die."

Thirdly: they have fan clubs. At least in our school, we have two fan clubs for actors (not sponsored by a teacher, but a bunch of girls join together to basically stoke actors' egos).

Fourthly, people vote for them in Student Council elections etc. Even though they're retarded.

"Look at me... I'm in remedial math, I've no leadership roles in the past, but I can sing, dance, and tell sucky jokes. Vote for me as StuCo President!"

I also hate those weird sessions in which girls basically squeal over the new cute guy they found. Two parts envy, yes, but four parts annoyance. As a friend of mine said, it's girls' version of the stock market. They invest in the guy and date him when he's "legal". [:(]

I also hate womanizers. Same issue. I guess that's one reason I hate actors, because they're such womanizers.

Game Maker etc.: Game Maker: the best 18 dollar programming teacher I ever bought. I figured I'm never going to use it again. I figured out that the only reason that I used the GMC was because my own real life was so dull and boring. However, that's not true anymore, and as a result, I've dropped GM and the GMC. Not too sad though, GM is the only reason I have an A in Comp. Scence.

And sk8tm8trix, do you play football? And stop stalking me.

Takagi posted on February 03, 2008 at 3:56 AM

Takagi Blogs Again...

I finally got around to finally making another blog today.... hurray? Let me discuss stuff as it comes to mind...

School and Education: It's going good... I guess. So far, grades have been doing well. I've got to take the ACT this weekend (February 9th). I'm not feeling too good about it. Thus far, I have been able to maintain the rank of #1 (cumulative GPA of 4.59), but I expect it to fall by next year. Not too ticked about it really, my close friend is going to move up to #1. This bloke got a 36 on his ACT. Why bother competing with him? We got our PSAT results back, I ended up with a 219. 80 on math, 70 on Writing, 69 on Reading. Nothing else in school besides that in terms of grades/tests/boring stuff.

I've learned that by reading www.bash.org everyday, I've become more witty, but my GPA ends up falling more and more. Damn you time wasting sites!

Music: I've been listening to "Arctic Monkeys" recently. Most of their stuff is pretty interesting. "When the Sun Goes Down", "A View from the Afternoon", "Fake Tales of San Francisco", and "Teddy Picker" are my current favorites by this indie-rock (?) band. They remind me of Franz Ferdinand.

I've also begun to listen to "Nightwish". Nice band, I don't mind the new singer too much. "Amaranth" is my current favorite song by them (Annette Olzen sings in it), with "Nemo" coming second (sung by Tarja). Power metal band, sort of weird, but I enjoy that stuff.

Another band which I've been listening to lately... Bad Religion. They're really old, but dude, I love a lot of their stuff. "Supersonic" is what got me hooked first... but then I heard their better songs. "American Jesus", "Sorrow" and "Twenty First Century/Digital Boy" are my top three. Bad Religion... sort of punk-ish... I guess. I can't tell.

Gorillaz is also really good. "Clint Eastwood" and "Feel Good Inc." are incredible. Alternative rock with rap interspersed.... I recommend their music.

Game Maker: I've not been too active lately. I'm sort of tired of it now. Moderating the GMC, hard to get in, great benefits (well, not really) and harder to get promotions. But you have great job security. I'm sort of irritated with this new GM registration system... if it got straightened out, the GMC would probably a lot better. And if maybe YoYoGames actually told us (moderators) about stuff before they announce it to the public. I've played Frozzd. Great game... best GM game I've played in a while. I was sort of away from the internet when the whole 64Digits attack and decompiler thingy came around.

Social Life (or whatever remains of it): Sk8m8trix, stop trying to stalk me. I've already got a stalker/weird girl following me. It's a girl 1 year junior to me (a sophomore) who I sit next to in Chemistry. Of the last twenty Facebook wall posts I have, eight are by her. She made some weird note for me and gave it to me in Chemistry... and then took a picture of me as I looked at it. I didn't know she took the picture until I logged in to Facebook and saw my Notifications. Holy hell, how do I say "f-off!" but not hurt a girl's feeling? Why can't the girls that I actually have some interest in like me? Wait... it's because they're guys/weirdos/dead/drugged up/below 13.... Just joshing of course.

I've been able to mend all social mistakes I had made in the last two years in about a span of a month. How? I baked chocolate chip cookies for them all. Girls melt in the presence of chocolate chip cookies. Except that one redhead... she refuses to eat them. And they weren't spiked with anything that time!! Well, she and I are cool now, after I helped her with like... thirty Calculus lessons.... [:)]. Our "Girls ask Guys Out To A Dance" dance (Turnabout) is like in three weeks.... I'm afraid that the weird sophomore is going to ask me out. So I'm going to have to beg another girl to ask me out so I can turn down that sophomore with a reasonable excuse. I can't throw the "I'm raiding with my WoW clan" excuse out... I don't play World of Warcraft.

I'm probably going to regret asking 64Digits and GM users for asking for girl advice.