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tjg92 posted on April 21, 2007 at 6:37 PM

Chopper Cave 2

Lately I've been working on a sequel to Chopper Cave. It's a lot better than the original already, and it's still not even ready for a demo.

I'll probably have a demo out within the week, but I'm not promising anything.

It differs from the original in that instead of earning points for blowing up boulders and bats, you get points for rescuing mine workers. Also, it takes place in multiple levels instead of just one long one.

You'll also notice that the helicopter is much easier to control than it was in the original.

Here's a screenshot, it doesn't give much to go by but you'll see some significant changes from the original (the helicopter looks like a helicopter, for example).

tjg92 posted on August 12, 2006 at 5:32 PM

Dial up >:(

So it's been forever since I last posted on 64D, and since the last time I posted I moved to the middle of nowhere and got Dial up. I don't like Dial up >:( (to be specific, 24k dial up that disconects every 10 minutes or so). Luckily we're getting Wireless internet and I'll finally be able to download stuff. In particular, I'm looking forward to downloading:
FFG from Cesque
Pure Pwnage 11
Americas Army again... (someone keeps beleting it >:( )

Just recently I've begun playing Call of Duty 2. My dad owns the russian version for some reason... but it's pretty much the same I guess.
It's an awesome game.

But the thought of WWII got me thinking about something else. I know this is about a year away, but I'm extremely excited about Oklahoma D-Day: I'm planning on Joining the Allies' Commonwealth Infantry unit. Capturing a mock town sounds like fun to me :D. I read that over 3000 people went to the last one, which tells me that this isn't going to be any ordinary paintball scenario.

tjg92 posted on February 20, 2006 at 9:16 PM


Recently I was in this thing called the "Valentines Banquet" and we all make skits and stuff for it. So all weekend I've been working to get the two skits I'm in down ok. So when we finally have to go on stage, we nail it :D It turned out pretty well. I was in a parody of the sprint comercial (where they're dancing and the guy walks in and... yeah) and a parody of The Amazing Race (This was so doomed to a failure, but we eluded that and made it decent). It got kind of boring backstage, so we found an old TV and VCR and looked for some movies, all we could find was Tellitubbies. Maybe you remember from when you were a kid how weird it was, but you have to watch it again. This is the most retarded show I've ever seen. It's alot of fun to watch though. The best thing is that you know there are actors inside of those costumes XD

I tried out Gunz Online. At first it wasn't working, so I patched it, then it would just say "Torrenting files" for hours, So I bit torented it instead, then copied the files over and deleted the old ones, and now it works. It's a weird game, at first it looks like the graphics won't be that bad, but then you see the graphics and it's like N64 all over again. The gameplay is pretty cool, but very very hard to master. I'm still getting owned constantly. Basically, there are many bugs to be exploited that can make you do insanely awesome stunts, but your reflexes have to be uber fast. This sucks for me. There aren't anywhere near enough maps either. I think there are less than ten. And the last bit is that there are WAY TO FREAKING MANY HACKERS. Google gunz hacks, there are entire websites with tutorials, downloadables, and other hacking related material. The official Gunz forums have threads with hundreds of pages devoted to how to hack, THE OFFICIAL FORUMS. I think the game is making me dumber too, because everyone talks like this:
hi u r hakin
no u r
no u
zomg jumpin is cheep
lolz nub (name of gun they got killed by here) is cheep
wer kan i get hax (official forums, if you want the answer...)??? plz i ned 2 noe
But it's still kind of fun. I've got 13 or so hours logged in XFire already.
By the way, get xfire.
My birthday is nearing (I'M TURNING 8 OMG) and I'm gonna be going paintballing. I've got two friends picked out to go, but I can't think who the third ought to be.

I'm really excited about Pure Pwnage episode ten, but that won't be out for a few weeks, so I won't talk about it until then...